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For International Repatriation

UK Operations Centre
London Biggin Hill Airport
TN16 3YN
+44 (0)30 3455 0305

For Funeral Directors London
Also with Memorial Showrooms

Mears Family Funerals
3 Southend Lane
London SE6 3AB
Tel: 0208 719 0910

Mears Family Funerals
54A Widmore Road
Tel: 0208 719 0917


For Funeral Directors Cheshire
Also with Memorial Showrooms

Mears and Jackson
40-42 High Street
Cheshire WA7 1AW
Tel: 01928 611 611

Mears and Jackson
West Cemetery Lodge
Warrington Cemetery
Manchester Road
Cheshire WA1 3BG
Tel: 01925 507 077


The Coffin Cover
A revolution in coffin design. Used for Green Cremations and Eco Burials.

Reduced cost and carbon emissions with a lovely appearance.


A traditional dignified external appearance with a simple internal coffin
for burial or cremation

The true green eco coffin

Dignified - Practical - Unique

Coffin Cover


Over 75% of eco and Green Funerals that we arrange for our clients use the Coffin Cover. Trees, environment, carbon emissions, bank accounts - they are all winners - it makes sence so please read on .........


The Coffin Cover arrangement is a new and unique innovation in coffin design that combines all the necessary requirements of the traditional coffin with an enhanced visual appearance.

What makes the Coffin Cover arrangement different is that it contains a separate internal coffin that is made of a simple biodegradable material that is removed from the outer Coffin Cover prior to the cremation or the burial taking place.

The Coffin Cover arrangement was developed using the best of all existing coffin features and combines them with several original designs to provide a solution to current environmental, social and financial concerns a family may have when faced with making funeral arrangements.

How Coffin Cover Works

The Coffin Cover has been developed with practicality and affordability in mind for those making funeral arrangements while at the same time respecting the dignity and reverence of the deceased. The Coffin Cover ...

  • Provides all the benefits of the traditional coffin, including a removable lid, so that relatives and friends can pay their respects.
  • Reduces the cost of a traditional funeral by removing the need to purchase and cremate high quality hand finished products like the traditional coffin.
  • Helps protect the environment by reducing the number of trees that need to be cut down to provide solid timber and veneers for coffin and casket production.
  • Reduced cremation costs in some Crematorium such as :-
    Croydon Crematorium.

    (NB: if you would like a crematorium listed here please contact us)
  • Can be folded flat once the coffin has been removed so that it can be discreetly removed from the crematorium.
  • Provides a much higher quality coffin appearance than most people would normally purchase for a funeral and provides a greater presence compared to a traditional coffin.
  • The cost of our Basic funeral with the use of this Coffin Cover is still only £1400.00 plus the usual third party disbursements.
    Or the cost for our Basic Plus funeral that includes a Limousine is £1650.00 plus the usual third party disbursements.
  • Call any of our branches for more details.

    Other Funeral Directors do not offer this as they want to sell coffins - not give a service.

From our feedback page :-
August 2007 - Dear Sir, I enclose my cheque for £....... as balance on the account together with the signed authority to use the Coffin Cover.
The arrangements were carried out in entirely accordance with my instructions and I would like to express my appreciation for the sympathetic and efficient way they were handled. (letter)