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For International Repatriation

UK Operations Centre
London Biggin Hill Airport
TN16 3YN
+44 (0)30 3455 0305

For Funeral Directors London
Also with Memorial Showrooms

Mears Family Funerals
3 Southend Lane
London SE6 3AB
Tel: 0208 719 0910

Mears Family Funerals
54A Widmore Road
Tel: 0208 719 0917


For Funeral Directors Cheshire
Also with Memorial Showrooms

Mears and Jackson
40-42 High Street
Cheshire WA7 1AW
Tel: 01928 611 611

Mears and Jackson
West Cemetery Lodge
Warrington Cemetery
Manchester Road
Cheshire WA1 3BG
Tel: 01925 507 077





Headings to Inscriptions

(16) In Loving Memory of
(20) In Ever Loving Memory of
(19) Sacred to the Memory of
(31) In Ever Affectionate Remembrance of
(37) Treasured Affectionate Remembrance of
(19) Treasured Memories of
(16) Pray for the Soul of
(37) In Memory of a Loving Wife, Mother and Daughter

Quotations and Epitaphs

(19) Gone but not forgotten
(40) To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die
(53) God takes our loved ones from our homes, but never from our hearts
9 (117) Happy smiling always content Loved and respected wherever he went Always so thoughtful, loving and kind A beautiful memory he left behind
10 (117) Those cheerful smiles, that heart of gold The dearest voice the world could hold A beautiful soul in a garden at rest It's true they say God chooses the best
15 (101)
Gone is the face I loved so dear Silent the voice I loved to hear Tis sad but true, I wonder why
18 (91)
God gave a treasure for a while To fill us with his love And then he took our darling child to dwell with him above
26 (114)
We saw you suffer, heard you sigh All we could do was stand by When the time came, we suffered too You never deserved what you went through
35 (104)
We had no chance to say goodbye But for you dear, will not cry But in our hearts we'll hide our pain Until some day we'll meet again
43 (112)
Loving and kind in all his ways Uprights and just to the end of his days Sincere and true in heart and mind A beautiful memory he left behind