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For International Repatriation

UK Operations Centre
London Biggin Hill Airport
TN16 3YN
+44 (0)30 3455 0305

For Funeral Directors London
Also with Memorial Showrooms

Mears Family Funerals
3 Southend Lane
London SE6 3AB
Tel: 0208 719 0910

Mears Family Funerals
54A Widmore Road
Tel: 0208 719 0917


For Funeral Directors Cheshire
Also with Memorial Showrooms

Mears and Jackson
40-42 High Street
Cheshire WA7 1AW
Tel: 01928 611 611

Mears and Jackson
West Cemetery Lodge
Warrington Cemetery
Manchester Road
Cheshire WA1 3BG
Tel: 01925 507 077


Wooden Casket Selection
all prices include complete funeral service
click on serlection for further information

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Embassy Cherry - Champagne Sovereign TM Velvet - 5210

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Last Supper Popular - Rosetan Crepe - 4010

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Cameo - Moss Pink Sovereign Velvet - 3000

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Premier Mahogany - Champagne Velvet - 6350

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Hartfield - Rosetan Crepe - 3896

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Autumn Oak - Rosetan Crepe - 4010